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I love the written word. Nothing brings me more joy than reading. I am always drawn to a new self help book, but I always have a great novel on the go too. The written word really is so very important to me. I have books everywhere. Some I have stored away from my childhood, others are just classics that I cannot part with. I also have a few first editions that I treasure. My bedside table is never without a book.

So this is my virtual bookshelf of the books that have brought me joy, inspiration, happiness, sadness (in a good way obv), self-help and advice. There are hundreds more that I have read, but these are the ones that are close to my heart, that have each left a mark.

Update, March 2017


Update, July 2016


Mental and spiritual health



General reading




  1. Sam

    Hi Kate,
    Some books I have on my bookshelf which I find are so valuable are, ‘I had a black dog’ and ‘Living with a black dog’. They are books written by Matthew Johnstone, and are picture books which explain depression. When I had a breakdown, my family didn’t understand so I made them and my friends read these books. It completely explains depression in an easy way, and helped me understand what the hell was wrong with me too! They are amazing and powerful books. Add them to your bookshelf. Sam xx


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