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THOUGHTFUL SPOT// Will the black dog please shut up! 

February 2, 2017

I’m wearing the Boden Tilly Jumper. 

Hey my loves. Sorry for distinct lack of posts. My plan of posting more chatty and regular posts has gone by the wayside again this past week. 

Ive been doing fantastic (well fantastic in my chronic illness/depressive world). Life is definitely starting to feel more normal again. Since the new year things have been much brighter and I’m definitely more perky. 

I had a weekend away with friends the weekend before last. We stayed in a fantastic rustic lodge close to home in South Wales. But even though it was close to home it could not have felt more removed. It was like being in a remote valley of tranquility. It was isolated, peaceful and absolutely stunningly beautiful. I felt totally relaxed by the surroundings and the wonderful company of dear friends. 

I had a wonderful time and even though I had had reservations about my stamina, I kept up and enjoyed just being away from home, in luxurious surroundings with beautiful people. 

I got home and felt proud that I’d managed to get there and that even though I’m managing a number of conditions at the moment, I can still be Kate and still laugh and feel part of the group, as I ever did. Even if I’m in bed at a reasonable hour these days and not watching the sun come up. 

When I got home, I was in need of a recharge. My body had kept up with the frivolities but as ever I had to pay back. Which was fine. I’ve been busy planning some blog projects so I have happily kept busy writing, whilst in bed resting. 

The weekend came and the pain was bad. Every inch of me was hurting. The family were going to a show, but I was not strong enough to sit through it. But rather than miss out completely, I met them for dinner after the show. We had a wonderful time. I was glammed up and fully present. It was fab food and great company. 

This week the fatigue has hit badly. I pretty much slept for 48 hours at the start of the week. I then got a water infection and could feel the mood falling. I took every measure to stop it in its tracks, but the past few days the black dog has been howling at me. But I refuse to listen. Thankfully this evening I’m much brighter again. 

This is life when your brain chemicals have a party of their own. So I just rode it out. Gave myself some much needed tlc, ate well and took my supplements. Hopefully the bark will sod off now for a while. 

On the whole, apart from this small blip life is good. I’m happy in my small and quiet life of reading, cups of tea, writing, meditation and family. It is enough. 

I’m still really hopeful for this year to bring changes. I’m more focused than ever on my writing and I’m making plans. Something that was non existent this time last year. So as always I’m grateful for my small and happy world. 

I hope all of you are doing well. If the black dog is barking at you right now then I feel you. Remember to take good care of yourself and always remember that the dog only barks for so long. 

If you’re struggling then check out all my tips and advice on depression and anxiety. 
Onwards my loves. Kiki xox