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DEPRESSION // #DiffAbility.

February 16, 2016



#DiffAbility. What is it?

I’m loving this new phrase. Inspired by a quote I saw last week. We are no longer in possession of a disability. But instead have a different-ability. It’s #DiffAbility.

Having mental health illness or any disability for that matter, automatically puts you in an ‘abnormal’ category. But really, what is normal anyway? Many people suffering mental health illness, are also hugely gifted in other ways. More gifted, it would seem, than your average person, who does not suffer mental health disease. Continue reading

DEPRESSION // Getting through. Your way. 

February 3, 2016

getting through your way
How do you get through clinical depression on a daily basis?

I ask myself this question daily. Certainly when close friends and family ask me “how can you tolerate the mental pain all the time? “The answer is – I don’t really know. I guess in a sentence it would be “I just do, I do it my way. ” Continue reading