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FASHION & STYLE // Christmas 2015 – Gift guide for her

November 22, 2015

 Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year. Now, anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I love to shop. So Christmas for me is just an excuse for me to flex my shopping muscles and find the best possible gifts for my nearest and dearest.

So with this in mind I thought I’d share a few of this seasons top gifts for all you girls, the girls in your life and maybe a few sneaky ones for yourself too. Continue reading

DEPRESSION // Dear Depression,

November 17, 2015

dear depression
Dear depression,

Now, I know we are old friends. We go back a long way, you and I. But it’s not the kind of friendship I want to encourage. You’re not the kind of friend I want in my life. Fact!

Let’s talk a bit about what you bring to the table: Sadness; on an immeasurable scale. Pain; both physically and to the heart and soul. Dread; when I wake in the morning and you’re there to join me for the day. Negativity on a momentous scale, it seems you don’t like pleasure in anything. Thoughts of death and dying; Why? I love living thank you very much! Listlessness; you suck every drop of energy from me, so all that is left is a dark room with just you and I. Loneliness; even though I’m surrounded by the most loving people on this earth, this party is just you and I. Continue reading