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September 14, 2015

cry baby

Why do we cry? What is the real reason? And does it have any benefit, bawling like a baby? Does it help when everything gets too much?

By nature I have never been a crier. I was definitely one to show a stronger front. I rarely showed emotion in that way. To me crying was a sign that I was breaking down. I would always say I’m fine. But the truth is the tears never really came. It’s not like I tried to hold them back. They just didn’t flow. It was just not part of my makeup. Continue reading

WELL-BEING TECHNIQUES // 8 easy steps to a happier you

September 7, 2015


8 steps to happiness

Sometimes our lives feel totally out of control. It happens to me all the time. Because of physical limitations and mental anguish, there are days that I feel I have no control over anything. It’s these days where I feel at my worst. My self confidence drops, I have no enthusiasm and certainly no motivation.

When I have some semblance of control over my life and my choices, I generally feel so much better. Continue reading

WELL-BEING TECHNIQUES // Letting go of the past

September 1, 2015

letting go of the past


The past is a funny thing. It has such power, even though it’s gone.

Where is it to you? Can you visualise it? Is it behind you? Is it alongside you? Is it in front of you? Are you still very much aware of your past? Do you see it for what it is; as something that is long gone. Or do you carry it with you to each new day, always remembering. Continue reading